La Terrazza Restaurant 
Located at Via Partenope, 48 · Napoli  · 
Italy · 
Phone: +39 081 7640 111  · 
Fax: +39 081 7649 743 · 

About Us

Neapolitans have long been renowned for their love of gourmet food and fresh ingredients. The enticing tastes and flavours of the local specialities have been influenced by the different cultures and populations that have inhabited Naples over the centuries. The use of the freshest and highest quality produce from the region of Campania offers an unforgettable culinary experience that will delight the sophisticated and demanding palate of the gourmet traveller. Savour gourmet Mediterranean and Neapolitan cuisine with panoramic views of the bay of Naples on the rooftop garden of La Terrazza.

Enjoy an aperitif in pure Italian style, sit back and take in the mosaic of pastel colours and rich fragrances of the roof garden against the turquoise background of the bay.
In the evening, glowing candlelight, fine silver cutlery, and the breathtaking views of Naples create an atmosphere like no others, ideally suited for a romantic evening under the stars.  

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